BJJ Gi Review Elite Sports Gray and Green

This is a BJJ Gi review of a gray and green Elite Sports 100% cotton gi. A white belt is included with this gi. The pants are a 400 gsm ripstop and have a stretchy rope drawstring. The gi top is a light-weight 400 gsm pearl weave and has been preshrunk. There is contrasting green stitching on much of the gi. The gi has also been treated with anti-odor & antimicrobial chemical to help you fight off microscopic threats to your skin.

The Guillotine Code By Roy Marsh Review

Find out if this instructional video can help you sharpen you Guillotine. This is a instructional video taught by Royce Gracie black belt Roy Marsh.
The Guillotine choke is a powerful and effective tool for BJJ, no-gi, and MMA. Have you cracked the Guillotine Code?
Link to the video

Bernardo Faria’s The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia DVD review

Having trouble passing the guard? Want to learn from one of the best in the world? Barnardo Faria has a DVD called The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia. In this review I try to help you decide if it is the right DVD to help your BJJ get to the next level.
Check out the DVD Here

DVD Review of The Catch Wrestling Formula by Neil Melanson

Here is a review of a DVD that teaches many different ways to get in to submissions and pass the guard and much more. I learned a lot of new stuff on here and this review may help you to decide if the DVD is right for you.