DVD Review Peruvian Dozen 2.0 by James Clingerman

Want to learn the Peruvian neck tie and a bunch of combinations from this Gi and no-gi choke? Find out in this review if this is the right DVD for you.


  • Find the DVD here http://thefighthub.com/
  • Origional Peruvian Dozen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WupqrU9FJtI

Josh Hinger DVD Hingertine Review

This is a review of the Hingertine DVD with Atos Black Belt Josh Hinger. Josh Hinger is also a 2016 Black Belt No-gi World Champion.
The Hingertine is a variation of an arm in guillotine. It is a very effective finish.
The DVD can be found at The Fight Hub

BJJ Book Review- Motivation Stories on Life and Success from BJJ Black Belts

I really got a lot out of reading this book. Find out why, and what story was my favorite in the video.

List of black belts in this book:
Bill Cooper
Chad Robichaux
Chris Haueter
Dan Camarillo
Danielle Martin
Henry Akins
Javier Vasquez
Kurt Osiander
Lance Glynn
Mario Sperry
Ricardo Miller
Tom Cronin

USA Judo Silver Medal Winner Travis Stevens Reads His Oath

This is an oath that Travis Stevens reads to himself for motivation and focus. This was recorded in may 2016 a few months before he took the silver medal for the USA 81kg Judo in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Full interviews with Travis Stevens

Epi 136 Travis Stevens Part 1

Epi 137 Travis Stevens Part 2

BjjBrick Q&A Q8 Changing Schools & BJJ For Self Defense

Question”Hey Byron ,you and Gary are great, love the podcast, it has helped me through these 11 months in my BJJ journey so far, I recently got promoted to blue belt and was so excited when I did but now I’m questioning whether I’m in the right school since They mainly focus on sport. I’ve always felt that sport JJ would be enough to defend myself in a street fight, takedown, control (mount, side control) submit if need to. My question is since I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the effectiveness of BJJ is lacking due to sport oriented academies, is Sport BJJ enough for self defense or should I consider changing schools? which would be hard since I’ve made many friends there and wouldn’t want to leave. Thanks for your time”

BjjBrick Q&A Q7 Uncooperative Teammates

Here is the question from an email.

Hi! After almost two and a half years of training regularly I’ve just gotten my blue belt yesterday. I train in a small school in a small town in Croatia, our instructors are purple belts and every now again we get visited by our affiliate leader or other black belts from out affiliation, We have a group of about 15 guys so training partners are scarce and we can’t pick and choose our partners like in bigger schools and my problem is that some of my training partners show some kind of unwillingness for cooperation while rolling or drilling techniques. For example, if we agree on a light roll I’ll go light and let my partner finish his techniques and try out new stuff, but when I try to do so it turns into a deatmatch. I’ve tried talking to them, giving them hints and out right telling them but nothing has changed. This happens when learning new techniques too.  I feel this is a very big obstacle for my progress as I miss training only when I’m sick or have serious injury. We’re the only school in town and others are too far away for every day training. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

BjjBrick Q&A Q6 Building Your Confidence As A New Student

Here is the question submitted via email.

I am fairly new to BJJ but not to martial arts in general. BJJ has always enticed me because of the fluid flow of the art plus the confidence and humility of its practitioners. I have mainly trained in striking arts and I have to say the brotherhood that I see between the students in Jiu-jitsu is so different. With that being said there is a lot of intimidation. I have never been one to have the most self confidence and I hope that BJJ will change that, which I believe it will. My question is getting over the fear, for lack of a better word, of rolling with folks. It’s not that I am “afraid” to do it but it’s very defeating sometimes when almost instantly you feel weak and beaten as soon as you start. I enjoy drilling and working technique but when we roll at the end of class it kind of gets to me. Is that to be expected? I know talking with other students they have basically said it kind of sucks when you first start but just to keep doing it and it will get better. I know that with continued work it will get better but how do I address the apprehension now? I do know giving up is not an option for me because I have given up in the past on things. Not because it was tough but because I think my self esteem gets the better of me. I know I have to keep pushing because I really want to develop my self not only physically but mentally too.

Thanks for your time. Keep up the great work.