Epi 262 Jay Hieron Talks MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and Stunt Work

This Week we have an interview with Jay Hieron. Jay is a former World Champion Welterweight Professional Mixed Martial Artist. Jay also stars alongside Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2

We talk about:

  • Starting MMA
  • His first thoughts about BJJ
  • His level of training today
  • Transitioning into stunt work and acting
  • How martial arts has helped him outside of the cage
  • Training for stunt work
  • Being lit of fire
  • Doing stunt driving
  • The importance of a good reputation
  • Having a martial arts mind frame
  • Learning film fighting
  • The importance of enjoying what you do


Quote of the week: “Reject any doctrine – religious, atheist, political, cultural, etc. – that is teaching you not to befriend the people you happen to meet”.

Article of the week: Dating And Training: How To Make It Work

The phrases “subtle good looks” was used to describe Gary. I have always liked this phrase because it sounds like a complement at first.













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