Epi 19 Sean Roberts Metamoris 3 Preview

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This week we have another preview of Metamoris 3. We talk to Sean Roberts, he has a match with Zak Maxwell (last weeks interview).

Sean Roberts is a Black belt under Ralph Gracie, he is currently training with Checkmat.

We talk to Sean about:
-What he does to relax
-What got him started in BJJ
-His thoughts on Royler Gracie Vs. Eddie Bravo
-The way he approaches the rules of Metamoris
-How the Brown belt Kumite helped prepare him for Metamoris
-His thoughts on how Zak Maxwell will approach the match
-He shares a couple of personality traits that have helped him get better at BJJ
-What he does before an important match, and how it has changed over time
-What he was like as a blue belt and purple belt
-Tips of competing for the first time, and building your confidence before a competition
-His cross country BJJ tour he recently took, and his plans to do another one
Quote of the week: “Every kick in the ass is a step forward” Unknown. If you get kicked in the ass and you don’t take a step forward, you fall down.

Article of the week: The Art of Losing 1- Sandhillsbjj.com By Roy Marsh

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Epi 18 Zak Maxwell Metamoris 3 Preview

Zak maxwell

This episode is in iTunes, and stitcher radio

Today we bring you the first episode of our Metamoris 3 preview. We have an interview with Zak Maxwell, he will be competing in Metamoris 3 against Sean Roberts. Zak is a black belt he is currently training at Gracie San Diego.

Some of Zak Maxwell’s accomplishments:
Pan American Champion as Purple and Brown belts.
World Champion as a Brown belt.
Pan American Absolute as a Brown belt.
3X ADCC pro trials as a Black belt.Zak maxwell2
Metamoris 3 will be the first time Zak has been in a submission only match. We talk to him about his match with Sean Roberts. Zak also tells us what it was like for him to start training as a kid. Zak also offers some of his competition tips.

Zak Maxwell’s Gi sponsor is HyperFly. Swing by their website and if you get a Gi tell them thanks for supporting Zak!
Quote of the week- “Look at what you have, not what you want.” Roy Marsh

Article of the week- 10 Tips to help the Non-Competitors Stay Motivated. From Groundworkbjj.com
Zak Maxwell’s Facebook page
Gracie San Diego
Our Roy Marsh interview

Next week we have an interview with Zak Maxwell’s opponent Sean Roberts.

Epi 17 Interview with BJJ Black Belt Roy Marsh

Roy marsh

Roy Marsh on the far left

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This week we bring you a very educational interview with Roy Marsh.  Both Gary and Byron got a lot of knowledge out of talking with Roy, we hope you do too.

Roy Marsh is a Black Belt under Royce Gracie. He has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2001. Roy’s game is always changing but he prefers a top game with a lot of top pressure. His go to guard is the butterfly guard. He trans a lot with the military.
Roy talks about:
Self defense- he gives some ways he adapts training for his BJJ students to deal with real world situations.
Training for a tournament- He give some great advice on developing a strong tournament game.
Breaking everything in BJJ down- Roy breaks BJJ down into four factors the two big factors are distance and angle, the two smaller factors are timing and pace.
Staying positive after a tournament- If you have something bad to say about your tournament, you should also say something good about the tournament.
Roy’s House Theory- He wants to fight you in areas that he is good at, this is his house. Have places in each position that you are very good at.
Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone- He is a firm believer in this, find what works for you and find ways to work around your own limitations.
The BJJ community- We have such a great community and friends in this sport.
Roy will be putting out a DVD this year on back control. Look for this DVD and we hope to have him back on the show to talk about back control.
Quote of the week- “I can be paralyzed and miserable or paralyzed and happy, I choose to be happy.” Brian Freeman. You can catch a entire interview with Brian in episode 16 of the BjjBrick Podcast.

Article of the week- JiuJitsubrotherhood.com Roger Gracie- Understanding the phenomeom.

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Roy Marsh’s website

Next week we start our Metamoris 3 preview!

Episode 16 Brian Freeman- Training BJJ with a T4 spinal cord injury

This episode is in iTunes, and stitcher radio

This week we are very lucky to have a interview with the very inspirational Brian Freeman.
Brian is a disabled vet with a T4 spinal cord injury with Brown-Sequard syndrome. He is brian freeman bjjfrom Rockingham, North Carolina. Brian enjoys training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his 8 year old daughter convenced him to get on the mat. He started by taking private lessons first then transitiond into the regular BJJ class.
Brian shares with us how BJJ has changed his life. BJJ has caused Brian to be more active then he was and also helped him with his lack of appatite. Jiu-jitsu has also given him more confidence.
we also talk about Brian’s:
-First UFC experence
-Favorite techniques
-Unique challanges
-Rwards that BJJ gives
We thought it would be ineresting to talk to Brian’s coach BJJ Black Belt Roy Marsh (Team R.O.C.). Roy is co-owner of the Martial Arts Academy of Southern pines and he is the head instrctor of the BJJ program. Roy was kind enough to talk to us about training with Brian. Roy is a firm beliver that BJJ is for everyone. When Brian showed interest in learing BJJ Roy was happy to help.

Brian's Tattoo of Royce Gracie logo with wheelchair inside. Ossss

Brian’s Tattoo of Royce Gracie logo with wheelchair inside. Ossss

Quote of the week “Pratice does not make perfect, prartice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect” Daniel Coyle. This quote make not make since at first but we break it down. As you pratice it actually makes small changes in your brain that makes things easier for you to perform.
Article of the week:

Freakoutandshutdown.blogspot.com “Getting Tough”

Daniel Coyle’s website
Brian on twitter @wheelchairjitsu