BJJ by the Month March is Back Attacks

This month we will be working on taking the back, keeping the back and getting the submission.

Here are some great details from Ryan Hall from a variety of topics relating to the back.

In this video John Danaher shows a key concept to controlling an opponent.

Here John Danaher shows great details to the Rear Naked Choke.

A Critical Concept That Stops Your Opponent from Escaping Rear Mount with Stephan Kesting.

So you did a arm drag from standing… now what? Here Dante Leon shows you some great details on getting the back.

Epi 341 Takedowns & BJJ

This week we talk about takedowns and BJJ. This was inspired by Bjj By the Month for February.

We talk about:


Quote of the week: “The golden rule for every businessman is this: Put yourself in your customer’s place.” -Orison Swett Marden

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BJJ by the Month February

Welcome back to another month of focused BJJ training. This month we will be working on our takedowns.

In this video we have a nice overview of basic takedowns, a good video to help you choose your focus techniques for this month.

For a lot of people doing BJJ the arm drag is one of the most natural ways to get your opponent to the ground.

In this next video Lachlan Giles does a great job explaining some details behind a good shot.

This tip from Justin Rader has made a big impact on my ability to shoot for my opponents legs.

Our friend Alec Baulding gives us some tips on training takedowns safely and some basic details on taking a shot.

Often overlooked but key element is stopping the takedown from your opponent. In this video Nick Ugoalah and Stephan Kesting show some details about a sprawl.

BJJ By The Month- January

One of the best ways to learn BJJ is to have focus on a particular aspect of your game. Join us on this journey as we train with a different focus every month. As the weeks go by you should notice a improvement in your BJJ ability. Join the community on our FB group

January 2019- Guard Submissions

Let start off the year with working from a place you can start a roll with. Pull guard and work on your submission game. Feel free to work in a sweep from time to time or a sweep might be your setup for a submission. If you get the sweep remember that you should be working on guard submissions and not your top game this month.

Here are some videos to help get you started taking your guard attacks to the next level. So let’s go to BJJ school before hitting the mats.

Here John Danaher helps you with understanding the closed guard.

Some key notes to look out for in this video

  • Your opponent is not truly on top of you
  • Using a knee pull
  • Making your opponent vulnerable to attacks
  • Upgrading a neutral position

In this video Jon Tomas helps us avoid some mental mistakes that limit our guard game.

Some notes from this video

  • Don’t box yourself into a particular guard type
  • Trying new guards for a minimum about of time
  • Finding rest spots from guard

This video by Alec Baulding will help prevent you from getting your passed

In this video you should learn

  • About framing
  • Good hip movement
  • When do stop attacking and start defending the pass

In the next video Jason Scully shows 55 high percentage closed guard techniques. There is a over load of info here. You might just pick two or three to work on.