BjjBrick Q&A 2 Lower Back Pain and BJJ

I’m am a fresh blue belt age 40,
started Jits late, but it has changed
my life.
Is lower back pain normal when
starting this? I’m assuming it’s due
to posture from guard ect.
Injuries seem to slow my progress. Don’t
want to blame age but just a question.
Thanks and love ur vids.

BjjBrick Q&A 1 Unpassable Open Guard

Today I answer a question about developing an unpassable open guard. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Q: What are your tips for developing an unpassable
open guard, beyond the typical “mat hours”
response? What can I conscientiously do, drill,
practice etc. to better use those mat hours?
My guard retention is slowly but surely improving,
though I know I am lacking a lot of intentioned