BJJ Brick Camp in Lake Jackson Texas March 7th, 2020

Join Jake Fox and Byron Jabara for a day of training

Four solid hours of BJJ for just $50 (5 hours of fun). This will be two seminars that will complement each other.  

Statistically the most effective way to get a submission is to get the back and attack. That is what this camp is all about. Byron will show you a variety of ways to back control, some keys to stabilizing this position, and techniques to make your attack unstoppable.  

With such a variety of guards out there BJJ players feel overwhelmed with needing to know so many guard passes. Jake has a solution with this leg drag system you can apply it to almost every guard. The leg drag pass is simple, effective, can be done by anyone, and best of all can lead you to your opponent’s back.

By the time you are done with this camp you will have developed an effective system to help you attack above your skill level.

10:00-Noon Byron will be teaching back takes, control, and finishes

Noon-1:00 Break

1:00-3:00 Jake will be teaching a leg drag passing system (that often leads to the back)

Everyone is welcome to join us at SCHOOL OF jIU jITSU BRAZILIAN TOP TEAM LAKE JACKSON 425 This Way, Lake Jackson Tx, 77566

Get your ticket now!! Just $50 and you get a free BjjBrick Gi patch