Epi 14 Renato Tavares Interview

This week we bring you an interview with BJJ 5th degree black belt, Renato Tavares.  Renato has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1974, thats 40 years!!
Renato talks to us about:
-Importance of having strong fundamentals
-Comparing BJJ to life- He breaks down the different belt colors to different stages in life
-A story about when he moved gyms and ended up loosing $40,000 and training in his garage.  Now today he has his successful gym with many students and 17 schools in his association.
-Advice on competing for the first time.  He recommends doing a few smaller tournaments before doing larger ones.  Renato actually does some “in school” tournaments to give his students practice at competing.
-The belt promotion requirements that have been set by the IBJJF.  This has become a big topic in BJJ, Renato helps clear up some confusion about the belt system.
-Setting goals, he gives several tips on how to set goals and meet them.
-He takes us through his warm up routine.
-He shares some of his most happy moments in his BJJ life.
Quote of the week:  This week we have a one word mantra “Go”.  We talk to Jason Bircher from KCBJJ, and he explains how this simple mantra has helped him with his training.  Jason is a black belt under Renato Tavares, and we are fortunate to match him up with our interview with Master Tavares.
Article of the week- 40plusbjjlive.com “One of the biggest mistakes you can make in BJJ training”  This mistake is something that both Gary and Byron have done and if you are able to avoid it, it will save you time and energy.  We recommend that you swing by this website and read the article.
Renato’s sponsors Ground control and Ground fighter

From left to right. John Castillo (he is in Epi 3) Byron Jabara, Renato Tavares