Epi 141 Black Belt Kristina Barlaan Part 1

This week we bring you an interview from BJJ black belt Kristina Barlaan. Kristina is a top level black belt competitor under Caio Terra. She recently took silver at worlds her first year in the black belt division.

Kristina Barlaan Jiu-Jitsu

We talk about:

  • Her first experience doing BJJ
  • How BJJ effected her personal life
  • Her first impressions of Caio Terra
  • Starting BJJ at 21 years old
  • Why the gi made it easier for her to learn
  • The mental side of competing as a blue belt
  • Putting expectations on herself


Quote of the week: “Jiu-Jitsu is easy, it is the people that make it hard” presented by Ricardo Tubbs

Article of the week: Park and Roll


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This episode also contains Mat Tales Epi 1 “Locked Up”

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