Epi 153 Could Nicky Ryan Be The Future Of Submission Grappling?

This week we bring you an interview with rising no-gi star Nicky Ryan. You will find 15 year old Ryan training with John Danaher, Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon, and his brother Gordon Ryan.


We talk about:

  • What got him started on the mats
  • Home schooling this year
  • Having John Danaher as a home school teacher
  • The home school laws for New Jersey
  • His daily routine
  • The game he plays the most and how it is changing
  • Working on his top game
  • Competing with adults
  • Quickly developing skill
  • Training leg locks safely
  • Passing the guard and attacking the legs
  • Training wrestling for take downs
  • Losing weight
  • The benefits of submission grappling for kids
  • Having a complete game
  • Competing for money
  • Fighting in a super fight Oct 8


Quote of the week: “Fall down 7 times get up 8” Japanese Proverb Presented by Dainis Nguyen

Article of the week: The Ultimate Micro Game


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