Epi 176 Top Mistakes Made in BJJ

Today we are talking about mistakes made on the mat. We share some personal stories and things we have noticed.

We talk about:

  • What Byron did as a purple belt that was a mistake for around a year
  • A basic principal Gary learned as a white belt
  • Learning how to take advice from your coach
  • Mistakes made as an instructor
  • Not tapping fast enough
  • Being over confident when starting BJJ
  • Having the right amount of tools in your tool basket
  • Avoiding leg locks
  • Fighting from your knees
  • Not doing the right type of drilling
  • Not letting injuries heal

Quote of the week: “The best advice I was given if that if you want to succeed and you want to achieve, you have to learn how to handle failures.” Mike Scioscia, MLB champion manager

Article of the week: Charismatic Leadership or Personality Cults in Jiu Jitsu: The Fine Line Between Respect and Worship

Korbett’s Kids Epi 1-  Korbett Miller answers a question about kids training to compete. Check out Korbett’s website here for more info on developing a strong kids program at your academy.

Garys audio book is called “The Tool Basket for BJJ, Find the Right Tool for the Job”


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