Epi 187 A Look Into Special Operations Combatives Program With Greg Thompson

This week we have an interview with Greg Thompson. Greg is the creator of SOCP (Special Operations Combatives Program) www.socp.info. On March 23, 2010, SOCP became the first officially designated combatives program for all U.S. Army Special Operations Forces. ERB Codes: (SOCP I: BRT), (SOCP II: FBR) SOCP is now the standard program for fighting in kit. Greg is also training Federal and State Law Enforcement, FBI, ATF, Border Patrol and Special Contract Units.  Continue reading about Greg Thompson here.

We talk about:

  • His start in martial arts and wrestling
  • What is was like training in the early days
  • Getting started in training people in special operations
  • Some of the tactical decisions a law enforcement officer must make
  • Why it is important to know the limits of what you are training
  • His conversations with a closed minded martial artist
  • Training safely for violent encounters
  • Controlling the distance
  • Knowing how to use the proper force multiplyer
  • Knife training and common mistakes with training with knifes
  • What someone doing BJJ can do to prepare for self defense
  • Grappling and training with a knife
  • Grappling with teams or more than one vs one
  • Police officers dealing with stress and the use of force
  • How to de escalate self defense situations
  • How to avoid legal trouble for defending yourself
  • The pros and cons of different self defense tools
  • How to protect yourself from a home invasion
  • How to avoid someone breaking into your house
  • How to deal with a home invasion situation
  • Creating safe habits
  • Using your BJJ skills if you get a job in the military or law enforcement


Quote of the week: “No intelligent man has ever lost a fight to someone who said ‘I’m gonna kick your ass” Rory Miller

Article of the week: A Complete Victory by a 1% Margin


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