Epi 189 Using Your Gifts to Get Better at BJJ

It is important to look at yourself and reflect about what attributes you have that can help you get better at BJJ. We look at Physical, Mental, and Situational advantages (Gifts) you have and how to get the most out of them.

Gary as a big good looking gift. This image is a prank that Gary was unaware of.

Some of the physical gifts we talk about:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Your height

Some of the mental gifts we talk about:

  • Patience as a student and instructor
  • Having a memory for technique
  • Being a people person
  • having a competitive spirit

Some of the situational gifts we talk about:

  • Having a great BJJ gym near you
  • Having a stable family life
  • Having a supportive spouse or partner
  • Being healthy
  • Being part of a great team
  • Having a great coach
  • Being financially stable

Pranks pulled on Gary this week: The golden girls song around 57min when he is talking about how great a training partner Byron is. Gary was unaware of the gift image with Gary’s face.

Quote of the week: “Wouldn’t it be great to be gifted? In fact…. It turns out that choices lead to habits. Habits become talents. Talents are labeled gifts. You’re not born this way, you get this way.” Seth Godin

Article of the week: Visiting another school…. Getting the most out of a drop in

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