Epi 213 World Famous Competitor and Coach Ricardo Almeida

This week we bring you an interview with Ricardo Almeida. Ricardo is a UFC veteran and 4th degree black belt under Renzo Gracie. He also currently coaches several UFC fighters including Frankie Edgar and Eddie Alvarez.

We talk about:

  • His MMA career
  • Starting martial arts in karate and changing to jiu-jitsu
  • Why he enjoys nogi more than training with the gi
  • Why he does not have his MMA guys train in the gi at all
  • Transitioning from grappling to MMA
  • Common problems grapplers experience when doing MMA
  • Running two martial arts schools one in Newton Pa, and the other in Robbinsville, NJ
  • Some off the mat benefits for kids and adults from BJJ
  • His future goals for competitive grappling
  • Rivalries in MMA and BJJ
  • What he was like as a 16 year old blue belt


Quote of the week:  “The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.” Vladimir Nabokov

Article of the week: BJJ BENEFITS #2: HEALTH & WELLNESS

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