Epi 26 Gi Guide with Tom Machowicz

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In this weeks episode we talk to Tom Machowicz (Mac) from Fuji Sports. We cover everything from getting your first gi to helping a seasoned veteran figure out what gi is best for competition.

This Gi Guide covers:
Why do you need a gi?
Advantages to training in a gi
How judo gis are different from BJJ gis
Basic types of gis
Tips for getting a gi for kids, women and men
How the location the gi is made can effect the quality
Different types of weaves
How to get a gi that fits you
The advantages of Rip-stop
Different types of collars
How to take care of your gi
Shrinking your gi to get the best fit
Common mistakes with gi care
How to get your gi dry quickly
Putting a patch on a gi
Custom gis for your team
What makes a competition gi?

Quote of the week: We got this quote from an email from our friend Santiago. “My teacher is my opponent, my ego is my enemy” Renzo Gracie

Article of the week
30 Signs You’re A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Addict- Matadornetwork.com

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The Neppon Edition Gi 
Fuji All Around BJJ Gi (both Byron and Gary have this gi)
Size chart
Call our friend Tom at (212)769-1823 if you have any Gi related questions