Epi 270 How BJJ and A Good Friend Saved Evan Robinson

This week we have an interview with Evan Robinson. Evan credits his friend Joe Vanbrackle and Jiu-Jitsu as playing a major role in turning his life around. You will find this interview to be extremely motivating, Evan’s passion and energy are contagious.

We talk about:

  • The positive effects of BJJ on his life
  • Training jiu-jitsu in prison
  • Setting and meeting difficult goals
  • The influence of Joe Vanbrackle
  • Helping troubled kids with BJJ
  • Opening his own gym
  • Future goals of helping people with Jiu-Jitsu


Quote of the week: The Saga of Grettir the Strong: “A tale is but half told when only one person tells it.”

Article of the week: 4 Unexpected Lessons You’ll Learn In A BJJ Gym













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