Epi 314 Atos Black Belt Nikki Sullivan

This week we have an interview with Atos Black Belt Nikki Sullivan. Nikki has a wealth of information and her down to earth style is great to hear in the interview.

We talk about:

  • Writing for Belt 2 Belt and Yoga for BJJ
  • Starting martial arts at her college
  • Doing her first BJJ competition
  • Making a change to do BJJ full time
  • Getting her black belt
  • The value of her coaches and teammates
  • Trusting your coach
  • Internal dialog for BJJ
  • Keeping a positive attitude
  • Using movies and music to change your mood
  • When to take time off


Quote of the week: “A good firefighter knows how, an educated firefighter knows why.” Chris Walker

Article of the week: How do you drag yourself out of the BJJ slump


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