Epi 33 Breaking things down with Ostap Manastyrski

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Ostap Manastryski is a brown belt under Elliott Bayev, he trains and teaches at OpenMat Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Toronto Canada.  Ostap breaks down BJJ videos on his YouTube channel, this is a great resource for anyone wanting to better understand BJJ.Ostap choking oponent

We talk about

  • Ostap’s YouTube Channel
  • Some of his notable tournament victories
  • Traveling and training BJJ for an extended amount of time
  • Teaching BJJ full time
  • Common mistakes in lower level BJJ
  • How he breaks down tournament footage
  • Advice for students that are going to do their first tournament
  • His first tournament experience
  • Competing a lot in a short amount of time
  • Preparing mentally for a tournament
  • The book With Winning in Mind, and how it has helped him
  • Coaching at a tournament and how to not be a “remote control coach”
  • Tips for coaching
  • Different Mantras that he uses during a match
  • Advice for blue belts overcoming difficulties
  • Researching different BJJ schools
  • Having the proper motivation for training
  • What a full day of training is like for Ostap
  • Training yoga to help deal with injuries
  • His long term goals
  • The new double guard pull rule
  • How to get Ostap to break down your videos

ostap BJJQuote of the week: “Don’t be a Jack of all trades be a master of one”  This quote was presented by Jonathan Thomas.  This saying is a big pet peeve of his and he explains why.  Check out Jonathan’s interview here.

Ostap’s YouTube Channel
OpenMat Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Book With Winning In Mind
Ostap’s Facebook page
More info about Ostap
Ostap’s Email ostapbjj@gmail.com

Article of the week- “3 Ways to Deal With Injuries in BJJ” Grapplearts.com

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