Epi 364 We disagree with some popular BJJ ideas

This month we talk about popular ideas in BJJ what at least one of us will disagree with.

We talk about:

  • Leg locks are too dangerous
  • Takedowns are not safe for old guys
  • You need to train 3 times a week to get better
  • You can’t get better without competing
  • Get in shape before you start BJJ
  • Pulling guard is not good BJJ
  • Coaches not rolling or coaches that get tapped out
  • All cops should be purple belts
  • Athletes are great to learn from
  • When I get ____ I will be good at BJJ
  • You can’t teach heart
  • 10,000 hour rule
  • Pressure is a good submission
  • Kicking someone’s butt in BJJ is a good way to vent frustrations


Quote of the week: “When you realize you are no longer made of glass, you lose the desire to demonstrate that fragility in others.” Chris Matakas

Article of the week: https://bjjtribes.com/can-anyone-become-a-bjj-black-belt/

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