Epi 42 interview with Samir Chantre

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This week we bring you top black belt competitor Samir Chantre. Samir is a No-gi Worlds, Gracie Worlds and 6X American Nationals champion.  Listen to find out what technique he has been doing since he was a blue belt and now he does it as a high level black belt.  Samir is training and teaching full time with the Caio Terra Association. He has been training BJJ for 17 years (since he was 8 years old).  This interview is packed full of great tips and advice to help you in your BJJ journey.  Samir is also doing a BJJ Vacation Camp from August 29th to September 1st, full details in the interview.Samir Chantre jiujitsu

We talk about:

  • Doing BJJ full time
  • Old style of BJJ and the new style of BJJ
  • Doing some of the same techniques since blue belt
  • The first BJJ Vacation Camp, August 29th to September 1st 2014, in San Diego.
  • What you can expect to do at the BJJ Vacation Camp
  • His busy tournament schedule
  • What he does before and after every match
  • Why BJJ can be so frustrating your first year
  • How BJJ has helped him with his scoliosis
  • The development of the Berimbolo
  • Advice for a first year BJJ student
  • He competed every weekend as a blue belt
  • Dealing with and overcoming losses as a blue belt
  • Tips to figure out your own game plan
  • Why focus and commitment is so important for students

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Email him at SamirChantrebjj@gmail.com

Quote of the week: We have 2 quotes from Felipe Costa “Don’t let what you want now, take away what you want in the future”. “Don’t let the fear of loosing take away your desire to win”.

Article of the week: The Triangle from Bjjheros.com


At the end of the podcast we give details of how you can win a BjjBrick Podcast gi patch.

At the end of the podcast we give details of how you can win a BjjBrick Podcast gi patch.

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