Epi 58 SBGi Black Belt Amanda Loewen

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Amanda Loewen bjj Amanda Loewen has been training BJJ and competing for about five years, and she has recently received her black belt from Matt Thornton.  You will find her training at SBGi in Portland.

We talk about:

  • Her start to BJJ
  • Getting her black belt in five years
  • Some troubles finding competition
  • Her hobbies off the mat
  • Why she prefers a “basic style”
  • Her six day a week training schedule
  • Training off the mat
  • Staying motivated
  • Her goals of competing with the black belts
  • She is going to the European Championships in Jan 2015
  • Posture, pressure and possibilities
  • Keeping things very simple when teaching BJJ
  • The basic class format she likes
  • How she handles the stresses of competition
  • Her experience at her first tournament
  • A mental trick she uses to avoid sweeps
  • Tips for making your own game plan
  • Why she rolls with a poker face
  • Goals for a first year BJJ student
  • Why it is important to focus on defense first then learn offense

*note Amanda Loewen was recently married and her new name is Amanda Diggins

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