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Rafael Lovato Jr.

Rafael Lovato Jr.

Rafael Lovato Jr. is the most decorated BJJ competitor from the United States.  He is known for an aggressive style and being fun to watch.  In 2007, he was the first Non-Brazilian to win the Brazilian National Championship (Brasileiro) in the Black Belt division. Again in 2007 Lovato became the 2nd American to win the World Championship (Worlds) as a black belt.  Lovato has a lot going on and we cover a big range of topics in this interview including his injury, BJJ goals for the year, his Save Jiu-Jitsu Podcast, MMA career, and much more.

Some Highlights from the interview:

“My goal, is to jump right back into the Worlds. If I can be healthy and strong enough to train hard in March, that will give me two months to get ready, as long as I don’t miss the Worlds I am happy.”

“If you are so afraid of losing that you play not to lose instead of to really win…. then you are not going to learn very much walking off the mat…. you will not be able to go back home and find what you need to work on.”

About his Save Jiu-Jitsu Podcast, “Really my goal with it was to inspire people”.

When asked about what rules should be changed  Rafael says “The number one thing that I would do is get rid of advantages…. they really don’t make sense”.

“The most evolution that you see in jiu-jitsu is from the guard, there is always new guard games, there is always new grips, angles, and ways to sweep….but there is not new submissions…. most of the evolution is from the guard and it is mostly sweeps.”

“I remember when I felt like I knew the rules in and out….Nowadays there are many of the refs that struggle with knowing.”

About what he would like to do this year. “Some pretty big things, Worlds, ADCC, another MMA fight…. If I could get on a Metamoris show I would love to be there.”

We talk about:

  • What he has been doing with his extra time, because of his injury is keeping him off the mats
  • The Save Jiu-Jitsu Podcast
  • How he is healing after his surgery
  • Changing the rules of BJJ
  • How having advantages makes the game less exciting
  • Some ideas of how we can deal with tied matches
  • Rule changes in other sports
  • Advice for students who are competing
  • How he explains advantages to his students before a competition
  • Training advice for different competitions
  • Training with Saulo and Xande
  • Doing Metamoris in the future
  • His goals with MMA
  • ADCC 2015
  • His plans to write a book

Keeping up with Rafael Lovato Jr:

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