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Christian Graugart is know as the BJJ Globetrotter because of his amazing trip around the world training in 24 countries and 56 gyms.  Christian has learned may lessons from training and traveling, we are lucky to learn from him.  Christian has also started an amazing community called BJJ Globetrotters.

Good times on the mat with Christian Graugart

Good times on the mat with Christian Graugart

A quote from the interview:

“A key component to life is to be open to all social connections, and treat everyone you meet as a potential next best friend.”

We talk about:

  • Why he started traveling to learn BJJ
  • How he likes to teach classes
  • Some of the similarities all over the world in Jiu-Jitsu
  • The BJJ Globetrotters community
  • The BJJ camps he is doing in 2015
  • The values of BJJ Globetrotters
  • How his gym treats travelers
  • His ideas about how to treat people on and off the mat


Quote of the week: “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.” Napoleon Hill- Presented by: Rafael Lovato Jr.

Article of the week: “Staying Motivated for BJJ” By White Belt Survival Strategy. Everyone needs a little help staying motivated with training, this article should help.

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