Epi 68 Interview with Roli Delgado

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This week we have an interview with Rolando Delgado often called Roli.  Roli is a 2nd degree black belt that trains in Little Rock Arkansas at West Side MMA. Roli has fought in the UFC and Bellator, but he is most widely known in the BJJ community for his ability to teach and preform leg locks.

Some highlights from this interview:

“The most dangerous moves in Jiu-Jitsu are take-downs and kimuras”

“Reaping the knee is a risk that is way overstated and blown out of proportion”

“With the Gi on I am okay with no heal hooks…. we need a sport that we can all do and grow old with.”

We also talk about:

  • His start to the martial arts
  • What he does off of the mat (hunting deer and owning a pawn shop)
  • His recent trip to Brazil
  • How he started focusing on leg locks
  • His app “Legal Leg Locks for BJJ
  • Why some people don’t like leg locks
  • Using legs locks to be used for a Bjj Brick
  • The rules for BJJ and leg locks
  • Why mid level blue belt is a good time to start working on leg locks
  • Finding confidence in your game from hard work
  • Advice for students that are competing for the first time
  • Why you should be trying to funnel your match into your strong areas
  • The concept of defend than attack
  • His match with Jason Bircher in Respect 1 on Feb 28

Connect with Roli:

Quote of the week: “Therefore, those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him.” Sun Tzu

Article of the week: “Drill To Kill: Science Backs Up Effectiveness of Drilling for Jiu-Jitsu” 

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