Epi 77 Jiu-Jitology with Ricardo Castaneda Part 2

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Ricardo CastanedaThis is the second half of our interview with Ricardo Castaneda. Ricardo is a purple belt that runs the website Jiu-Jitology.com.  He has a unique perspective about BJJ and training that we are sure you will find interesting and beneficial.  You can find Ricardo training at Gracie Barra South Austin.

We talk about:

  • Training while not completely fatigued
  • Taking time off after an injury
  • Why he does not train on Wednesdays
  • Basic meditation methods
  • Meditation on the mats
  • Why he does not drink water between changing rolling partners
  • Advice for a first time competitor
  • Why he likes to compete
  • A goal for a 1st year student- just keep showing up
  • Why it is important to be receptive to coaching
  • Teaching concepts over specific techniques

Ricardo’s Links:

Quote of the week:”Following the path of least resistance makes rivers and men crooked.” Ralph Parlette

Article of the week:This week we have a listener question instead of an article. The question is about coaching from the sidelines. Check out the interview with Ostap for more on Remote Control Coaching.

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