Epi 79- One of USA’s Top Brown Belts Jared “Megalo” Dopp

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Jared Dopp

Jared Dopp

Jared “Megalo” Dopp is a Brown belt under Rafael Lovato Jr.  He is a Blue, Purple, and Brown Belt No-Gi World Champion. Blue, Purple, and Brown Belt Pan Champion. Blue Belt Gi World Champion, and two time Purple Belt World Gi Silver medalist.  In 2013 as a Purple belt he took 4th place at ADCC.

We talk about:

  • His accomplishments with only 4 years of serious training
  • His push the pace style
  • How he is able to force his opponents to make mistakes
  • How he views Gi and No-gi differently
  • Ways to get around an opponent that is stalling
  • Passing the guard to the right side
  • He is in school for chemical engineering
  • Balancing school and BJJ
  • His training schedule
  • Off the mat training including rugby
  • His research in growing nano tubes
  • His thoughts on competing in 2015 ADCC
  • His hopes of doing submission only matchs
  • Strategy for a submission only match
  • Advice for a student doing a first tournament
  • His advice for cutting weight to compete

Links for Jared: Do or Die, True Nutrition, Jared’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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