Epi 84 BJJ and Life with PJ Waicus

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PJ Waicus joins us this week for an interview.  He has been training BJJ for about 5 years.  He trains at South Jersey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.  PJ has two children that have Angelman Syndrome.  This interview we talk a lot about BJJ, learn about Angelman Syndrome and we face off the mat challenges that life presents.


We talk about:

  • Starting BJJ at the age of 39
  • Size differences on the mat
  • How Angelman Syndrome is passed on
  • The effects of Angelman Syndrome
  • The Angelman community
  • Bipolar Disorder and BJJ
  • Training with a busy schedule
  • How BJJ is like a church to him
  • Training BJJ for the long term
  • Advice for parents that have kids with Angelman Syndrome

Pj Waicus BJJ


Quote of the week: Presented by: A double quote! Presented by Mark Mullen.

  • “It is not who is good, it is who is left. It’s hours on the mat, if you put in the time natural athlete or not, practice the art you will be a black belt. “Chris Haueter
  • “I don’t have talent, I have tenacity. I have discipline, I have focus. And I know without any illusion, where I come from and where I can go back to”  Henry Rollins

Article of the week: “When Jiu Jitsu is Like Brushing Your Teeth”  From A Skirt on the Mat

First year of BJJ

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