Epi 85 James Puopolo Can Make You Laugh and Tap

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James PuopoloThis week we have a interview with Rafael Lovato Jr black belt James Puopolo.  He has been doing BJJ full time since leaving his middle school math teaching job.  He can be found on the mats at Salem-Keizer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. You can find out more about James here on BJJ Heroes.

We talk about:

  • Running his academy
  • His ever changing style of BJJ
  • Training with out the use of a timer
  • Fitting your BJJ into many different rule sets
  • The importance of finishing your opponent
  • His training schedule
  • Training other grappling arts
  • Training with Luke Tirey
  • His first training experience with RLJ
  • Doing 14 competitions last year
  • His future goals
  • Keeping a training journal
  • The process he goes through before a competition
  • Basic meditation to get you in your zone
  • Advice for a students first tournament

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Quote of the week: Presented by PJ Waicus “The big, strong, tough guy goes to class, and he keeps getting tapped by the skinny, technical guy. It begins to change him. It makes him humble. That’s what Jiu Jitsu does to you. It makes you humble.” Relson Gracie

Article of the week: “What Can The Stock Market Teach You About Jiu-Jitsu?” From Jiu-Jitology

First year of BJJ

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