Epi 98 Roy Harris A Man of Many Skills

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This week we are excited to bring you Roy Harris, he is one of the first non Brazilian Black Belts (Dirty Dozen).  Roy shares many of his countless stories and great advice about BJJ. 

 We talk about:

  • The early days of training BJJ in the United States
  • Developing skills outside of class with a partner
  • What you should be doing for the first 2 or 3 years of training
  • His first BJJ Brick was a footlock
  • Why some leglocks can be more dangerous
  • The 4 mindsets he teaches to students that are over 40
  • How to train safely
  • How to evaluate your progress
  • Differences between gi and no gi
  • How to train if you can only train twice a week


Quote of the week: “I always got nervous the nights we played in the World Series. First pitch, I was nervous. Then after that, forget it; I’d start playing.” Yogi Berra

Article of the week: “BJJ Biomechanics – Rib Injuries

First year of BJJ

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