Elevating Your Martial Arts Training with an At-Home Studio

The many disciplines of martial arts are traditionally practiced in studios with other people to train and spar with. With the pandemic forcing the closures of martial arts studios around the country, this makes it challenging to keep up with your training. Rather than hitting pause, and possibly losing some of what you’ve learned and mastered, it’s time to consider how to maintain your training at home with your own studio or dojo.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t a difficult undertaking. For one thing, you can make use of any workable space at home—like your garage or basement. Plus, it’s easy enough to acquire the equipment you’ll need to train. Here are some resources to help you in that process, and then some.

In addition to having your own martial arts studio, upgrading or increasing usable living space in your home that can be used for other activities (yoga, home gym, flex room) can significantly affect the value of your home. And this can be a huge bonus if and when the time comes to sell. 

Creating your own at-home martial arts gym is more than doable, as is keeping up your training at home with the right drills. To get the most out of your studio, make sure to keep it clean and that you purchase the appropriate equipment.

Image Credit: Pexels.com

Guest article by Charlene Roth from https://safetykid.info/

Epi 360 Street Smart BJJ

This week we cover a bunch of stuff including BJJ and the streets.

We talk about:

  • BJJ for the streets
  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • How BJJ can help you in a fight
  • How BJJ can keep you from fighting
  • So famous BJJ fighters that have been in a street fight
  • MMA and BJJ
  • Being street smart on the mats


Quote of the week: “Hire character. Train skill.” -Peter Schutz

Article of the week: Learn To Skateboard At 40 Or 50: You Can Do It Too

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Epi 359 Alvin Tillman Jr.

This episode we bring you an interview with Alvin Tillman. Alvin is the BTT coach in Sugar Land Tx and a coach of Warriors for Christ BJJ.

We talk about:


Quote of the week: Playing the hand you have

Article of the week: How to Deal with Your Stress During the Pandemic When You Cannot Grapple?

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3 Benefits You’ll Enjoy if you Start Practicing BJJ

Martial arts are both mental and physical.

For you to move smoothly to perform techniques requires great coordination. In particular, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is an excellent example of this.

BJJ is known to many as “soft art” and focuses on ground techniques. In general, the concept is popularized that anyone, doesn’t matter their size can defend themselves from larger and heavier opponents.

This is a martial art that needs not only physical strength but also mental ability to make fast decisions in certain situations. Because practice requires a lot of strategies, some say that BJJ is considered the closest martial art to chess.

Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent physical and mental exercise. Daily practice of the discipline will quickly improve both areas. A good thing is that you don’t need much to start either. Basically, you are good to go with some basic cheap fighting equipment.

There are many benefits you can get from BJJ training and we are going to talk about some of them in this article.

Makes your mind stronger

BJJ deals with the implementation of intelligent and strategic techniques, adaptation to situations, and making changes depending on how your opponents react.

In this sense, the comparison with chess is really justified. Opponents can sometimes trade the advantage in your favor, so your next step must be full of intelligence.

BJJ forces you to think a few steps further, but also encourages you to keep your strategy flexible as anything can happen.

This constant strategic planning and thinking exercise the mind. As we move the mind quickly to cope with the rapidly changing situation it trains our mental strength.

As the mind grows stronger with each passing day, the techniques become easier to practice and we may soon be more creative in how we use them.

Makes your body stronger

Training the mind is one of the most important aspects of Jiu-Jitsu. However, there is no doubt that you also need to train the body. It may not look like it, but BJJ is one of the hardest workouts you can experience.

A prevailing theme in BJJ is that the smallest and weakest person has the ability to defeat the biggest opponent using appropriate techniques and leverage.

However, if two practitioners are equal in skill, it will be a question of who is stronger.

In conclusion, strength is not the most important thing in BJJ, but it is definitely useful. That is why strength training is crucial for the practice of BJJ.

Makes you more flexible

One of the most important ways BJJ can affect a professional’s physical activity is to improve flexibility. Flexibility is of course an important feature in martial arts, especially in the grip where you have to be a link so that the body can adapt to any situation.

Although the games are gradually improving, BJJ lands on the mat most of the time. Although all martial arts require you to be flexible, their success at BJJ depends on it. With a lot of training, stretching, and exercises at BJJ, you can train your body to be more flexible,

In general, the more you can stretch, the more techniques you can perform.So these are 3 of the many benefits that BJJ could give you if you start training. BJJ is a great sport and we suggest you get a BJJ gi and try it.

This article was written by our friends at ThePeacefulWarriors.org

Epi 358 Systems and Combinations

This week we talk about some common and simple combinations we have been using in BJJ. Systems are a bit more involved and require a bit more development for your game. If you are not using combinations and systems you should strive to get them in your game.

We talk about:

  • We define combinations and systems as they relate to BJJ
  • Our first combinations that worked for us
  • What we are currently doing


Quote of the week:”The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincon

Article of the week: 6 Most Common Reasons People Quit BJJ

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Epi 357 ADCC Competitor Alec Baulding

This week we have an interview with Alec Baulding. Alec is a ADCC East Coast trials winner, and also preforms at a high level in the gi.

We talk about:

  • How he can do both gi and no-gi at a high level
  • His DVD on keeping your guard
  • Playing to your body type
  • His teaching style

Around 1h 17 min we talk about the future of the BjjBrick Podcast and some changes we will be making.


Quote of the week: “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” Charles R Swindoll

Article of the week: Why are you paying so much for your kid to train jiu jitsu?

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Epi 356 Keith Krikorian

This week we have an interview with Keith Krikorian. Keith is known for having a dynamic game. He shares some great insights into BJJ in this interview.

We talk about:

  • Being mentally tough during a match
  • Being a fulltime student and ADCC competitor
  • Doing the absolute division
  • Dealing with a loss
  • Making a 50 Technique Tutorial
  • Tips for new students


Quote of the week: “Taking care of yourself makes you stronger for everyone in your life … including you.” Kelly Rudolph

Article of the week: Rolling Vs Drilling

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Epi 355 The BJJ Belt

This week we talk about BJJ belts and the meaning they have. We share some stories, and offer a bit of advice.

We talk about:

  • Joe plays a little guitar
  • Getting our blue belts
  • Giving black belts to people under 18
  • The age and size factor
  • Someone under the age of 18 getting their black belt
  • Should you be able to teach BJJ
  • Being able to hang with the same belts
  • Why some instructors do belt tests


Quote of the week: “Beware of the man with one gun, for surely he will know how to use it.” Attributed to Clint Smith

Article of the week: The Top 5 Reasons Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is So Popular

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