Episode 8 To gi or not to gi

Join Gary and Byron on the BjjBrick Podcast

Join Gary and Byron on the BjjBrick Podcast

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We have a good mix of people talking about gi vs nogi training.

Byron likes both, Gary is a nogi guy, and Matt likes the gi more but the nogi rules.

The gi game can be described like a game of 5 vs 5.  More technical and slower pace.

  • More difficult to escape
  • Grips make a huge difference
  • More techniques

The no gi game is like a 2 vs 2 basketball game.  Fast pace and lot more hustle.

  • Underhooks and overhooks are the “grips “ of no-gi
  • Leg locks become a big factor
  • More scrambles

We talk about starting out with the gi or without it.

You should be rolling any chance you can.  With our without the gi.

If you are interested in belt promotions you need to be training with the gi.

Some of the best grapplers in your gym may be training with the gi.  Put a gi on and join them.

Quote of the week: “Keep your friends close and your elbows closer.”

Article of the week: this week it is a video! Cobrinha break down from adcc 2013. From Ostapbjj

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Gi, No Problem ADCC

With the excitement of ADCC around the corner I made 2 of these sign pictures. One with the year and one without the year. I also have an ADCC 2013 competitor list. This is going to be an amazing event.

no gi no problem adcc no gi no problem 2013

More pictures here

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ADCC Will take place on 19th & 20th October, 2013

Beijing Di Tan Sports Centre, Beijing, China

Bráulio Estima vs. André Galvão
Fabio Gurgel vs. Zé Mario Sperry

Under 66kg

1. Rafael Mendes (current champion)
2. Rubens Cobrinha
3. Justin Rader
4. João Miyao
5. Augusto Tanquinho
6. Marcio André
7. Robert Sabaruddin
8. Darson Hemmings
9. Mark Ramos
10. Uruka Sasaki
11. Timo Juhani Hirvikangas
12. Nicolas Renier
13. Jeff Glover (injured)
14. Darren Ueyoyama

Under 77kg

1. Kron Gracie
2. Otavio de Sousa
3. Leozada Nogueira
4. DJ Jackson
5. Lucas Lepri
6. Leonardo Vieira
7. Eduardo “Teta” Rios
8. AJ Agazarm
9. Tero Pyylampi
10. Gary Tonnes
11. Sotaro Yamada
12. Youngnam Noh
13. Kamil Mitosek
14. Leandro Lo
15. JT Torres

Under 88kg

1. Rousimar Toquinho
2. Claudio Calasans
3. Rafael Lovato Jr
4. Keenan Cornelius
5. Michael Langhi
6. Oskar Piechota
7. Josh Hayden
8. Shinsho Anzai
9. Doorwang Jeon
10. Lukasz Michalec
11. Victor Silvério
12. Romulo Barral
13. Lucas Leite

Under 99kg

1. Dean Lister (current champion)
2. Rodrigo Cavaca
3. Rodolfo Vieira
4. Leonardo Nogueira
5. João Gabriel Rocha
6. João Assis
7. Jon Olav Einemo
8. Tomazs Narkun
9. Alan Drueco
10. Adam Sachnoff
11. James Puoppolo
12. Yukiyasu Ozawa
13. Kamil Uminski

Over 99kg

1. Vinny Pezão (current champion)
2. Marcus Buchecha
3. Roberto Cyborg
4. Bernardo Faria
5. Fabricio Werdum
6. Orlando Sanchez
7. Alexander Trans
8. Michael Wilson
9. Jared Dopp
10. Robby Donofrio
11. Hideki Sekine
12. Janne Pietialainen
13. Ricardo Evangelista

Women’s under 60kg

1. Kyra Gracie (current champion) withdrawn from the event for unknown reasons
2. Ana Michelle Tavares
3. Mackenzie Dern
4. Luanna Alzuguir
5. Caroline Anthony
6. Kristina Barlaan
7. Seiko Yamamoto
8. Michelle Nicolini
9. Laura Hondorp

Women’s over 60kg

1. Gabi Garcia (current champion)
2. Fernanda Mazzelli
3. Yurika Nakakura
4. Thaysa Silva
5. Brea Gibert
6. Annie Ramirez
7. Marysia Malyjasiak
8. Luiza Monteiro
9. Carol DeLazze