Epi 285 Olympic Medalist Adam Wheeler

This week we have an interview with Olympic bronze medalist greco roman wrestler Adam Wheeler. This interview covers a wide range of topics from BJJ competitions to his off the mat career in public service.

We talk about:

  • Starting jiu-jitsu
  • Picking jiu-jitsu up again after the Olympics
  • Getting his black belt in about four years
  • Using his greco roman wrestling in jiu-jitsu
  • His instructional DVD Upper Body Takedowns for Grappling
  • Training tips
  • Why it is important to train takedowns
  • Changing from law enforcement to fire fighting
  • Being a firefighter


Quote of the week: “The paradox is that sometimes you have to get worse before you get better.” Gary Mack

Article of the week: The Optimal State of Arousal

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