Epi 249 Black Belt Kristina Barlaan

This week we have an interview with BJJ Black Belt Kristina Barlaan. Kristina is a black belt under Caio Terra. This interview covers a wide range of topics from her first tournament to off the mat challenges.

We talk about:

  • Competing as a white belt
  • How she turned BJJ from a hobby to a job
  • How she uses BJJ to help people
  • Dealing with a long drive to train
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Advice for people dealing with anxiety or suicidal thoughts
  • Why it is important to reach out for help
  • How BJJ can help with depression


Quote of the week: “Everybody has at least a few areas in their thinking and some attitudes that need to change. If you want to improve your life, you need to go after those areas.” John Maxwell

Article of the week: Back to the Basics

We also end a prank on Gary this episode “the best thing about BJJ”

















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