Epi 142 Black Belt Kristina Barlaan Part 2

This week we bring part 2 of our interview with BJJ black belt Kristina Barlaan. Kristina is a top level black belt competitor under Caio Terra. She recently took silver at worlds her first year in the black belt division.Kristina Barlann bjj

We talk about:

  • Her competition history at worlds
  • Competing in the adult division vs the masters division
  • Getting sliver her first time in the black belt division
  • The mental side of competing against people you have watched for years
  • Her strategy for doing the open weight division as a light feather weight
  • Her plans for the rest of 2016
  • Advice for people doing their first tournament
  • Accepting being nervous
  • Dealing with the difficult things that come with tough training


Quote of the week: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Article of the week: “How to train and adult at the same time”


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Gary tells us about his upcoming audio book about BJJ and Tap dancing.

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