Epi 43 Ken Primola Crosses the Line

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This week we have an interview with BJJ black belt Ken Primola.  With 15 years of BJJ experience find out why Ken Primola crosses the line.  Ken Primola bjj

We talk about:

  • How BJJ builds friendships
  • What Ken does off the mat
  • His daily routine
  • How BJJ and wrestling has effected Ken off the mat
  • Ken describes his BJJ game and how he rolls
  • Ken shares some great concepts about how to learn anything
  • The ILoveBJJ facebook page
  • Some of the biggest lessons he has realized as a black belt he learned them first as a white belt (rolling smooth, calm, safe, and smart)
  • A huge key to getting better at competing
  • Some mental tips to competition
  • Pushing yourself to train harder
  • Some must hear advice to anyone competing for the first time
  • The importance of being an athlete.
  • What Ken was like as a Blue belt
  • Check out some of Ken’s Ebooks here
  • The process of learning both on and off the mat
  • The process of developing a game plan
  • What Ken looks for in an ideal student
  • The benefits of planning out your practice
  • Advice for first year BJJ students

    Ken has been working hard

    Ken has been working hard

Contact Ken Primola at Facebook.com/Ilovebjj

Quote of the week: “It Ain’t How Hard You Hit…It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward” Rocky. Presented by Samir Chantre.

Article of the week: “Slow Your Roll, Avoid This Detrimental Training Mistake” From Bjj Hacker

At the end of the podcast we give details of how you can get a BjjBrick Podcast gi patch.