Epi 150 We Share Tips For Bringing A Friend To Class

This week we have a important topic about bringing a friend to BJJ class. When you bring a friend you want them to have a good exposure to the martial art. This episode we have lots of tips about bringing a friend to their first BJJ class.

Epi 150

We talk about:

  • The benefits of bringing your friend to class
  • The goal of safety and fun for your friend
  • Taking away the initial stress of going to their first class
  • Why you should be at the class for their first day
  • Tricks for remembering names
  • How to get them to have fun on the mat
  • Telling them about the format of the class
  • What to do after the class is over
  • Why people may want to try a class
  • The follow up phone call the next day

Quote of the week: “Death is certain life is not” presented by Brent Lillard

Article of the week: How Do You Measure Progress?


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