BJJ Gi Review Elite Sports Gray and Green

This is a BJJ Gi review of a gray and green Elite Sports 100% cotton gi. A white belt is included with this gi. The pants are a 400 gsm ripstop and have a stretchy rope drawstring. The gi top is a light-weight 400 gsm pearl weave and has been preshrunk. There is contrasting green stitching on much of the gi. The gi has also been treated with anti-odor & antimicrobial chemical to help you fight off microscopic threats to your skin.

Custom Da Firma Kimono Company Gi Review

Da Firma Kimono Company (DFKC) is a company that makes among other things custom Gis. A custom gi might be a perfect thing for you if you are a school owner or wanting Gis to represent your team. There is an infinite amount of options when designing a custom gi from DFKC. In this review you can see what a custom BjjBrick gi looks like, and get a look at some of the decisions you will make when designing a gi.