Epi 69 Interview with Henry Akins

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Henry Akins

Henry Akins

In 1995 Henry Akins started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Rickson Gracie Academy. He received his black belt from Rickson in 2004.  He now has his own school called Dynamix MMA located in west LA.

Some of the Highlights:

“Making sure that the Jiu-Jitsu you learn is effective whether you have a gi on or not, and if you need to use it on the streets to protect yourself or someone that you care about.”

“My focus has always been how to use Jiu-Jitsu as a martial art, as a way to instill confidence in a person… and if there is ever a confrontation they feel prepared to deal with it.”

“It’s not about speed, a lot of people think you need to be fast…. it is about timing”

“The focus for a competitor is the complete opposite from the focus of a teacher.  If you are competing the focus is on yourself…. as a teacher your focus is on others.”

We also talk about:

  • Training with Rickson Gracie
  • Having a style that doesn’t rely on grips
  • BJJ and confidence
  • The main reasons why students join Dynamix MMA
  • The importance of getting good at the basics
  • How BJJ has changed and remained the same since he started
  • Teaching versus competing
  • What he does to help his teachers learn how to teach
  • How BJJ can affect the larger community
  • Training BJJ specifically for self defense
  • What happens to students that use strength or speed over technique
  • Different types of pressure you can put on your opponent
  • How the BJJ community is one big group regardless of affiliation


Quote of the week: “Learn how to learn” Billy Robinson. This quote was presented by Roli Delgado.  Roli suggests- Learn how your body works and apply that to what you are trying to do.

Article of the week: “Stepping off the Mats: Top Ten” by jiujitsutimes.com

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