Epi 65 Submission Series 902 Preview

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Submission Series 902 BJJ

Submission Series 902 takes places January 23, 2015 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.  These are 15 min, submission only fights. In this episode, you will discover what these six athletes are doing to prepare for this submission only event.  Check out their Facebook page to keep up to date with all the action.

Cat Clark– We start off this interviews by talking with Cat Clark.  Cat is the guy who is putting Submission Series 902 together. (Starts at 21m32s)

We talk about:

  • How to watch the event
  • What the name “Submission Series 902” is about
  • Why he is doing this event
  • The rules the athletes must follow
  • His vision for the sport in the long term

Kyle Sandford Vs. Jonathan Satava

Kyle Sandford- Kyle has been training BJJ since 1996. He received a black belt from Renzo Gracie in July 2014. He is representing Titans BJJ and Renzo Gracie. He has a Nogi match with Jonathan Satava. (Starts at 32m45s)

Jonathan Satava- Jonathan is a brown belt under Marcelo Garcia.  He is 25 years old, and he trains and teaches at The Marcelo Garcia Academy. His game is very similar to Marcelo’s. (Starts at 52m2s)

Joel Jacquard Vs. Michael Tremblay

Joel Jacquard- Joel has been Training BJJ for about 8 years. He is a purple belt under Kevin Taylor.  He has trained in a variety of martial arts, but he is now focused on BJJ and this submission only fight.  He is very motivated to compete with Michael Tremblay. (Starts at 1h7m8s)

Michael Tremblay- Michael is 22 years old and a brown belt from Carleton Place Ontario. He trains with his family at Alpha Mixed Martial Arts.  His time is spent between being a full-time student of philosophy and a competitor. (Starts at 1h28m28s)

Scott Nauss Vs. Kevin Thibault (Kevin replaces Dana Dickenson)

Scott Nauss- Scott is a brown belt from Truro, Nova Scotia. He trains at Marmac Athletics, and Titans BJJ.  Scott has a lot of competition experience and he is excited to do a longer submission only match. (Starts at 1h45m18s)

Kevin Thibault- (Kevin replaces Dana Dickenson)- Kevin Trains under Shane Rice at Clinch Martial Arts Academy.  Kevin usually plays a heavy top game. (Starts at 1h58m59s)

Check out the Gis the fighters are talking about at BC Kimonos

Quote of the week: “Train with everyone” Dave Camarillo. Loyalty is important for your team and academy,  but you can still train at other gyms and be loyal at the same time.

Article of the week: “5 Tips to Fast Track Your Jiu-Jitsu Evolution Starting Today” by Graciemag

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