Epi 159 Shades of Grey in BJJ

This week we are breaking down the topic of, when is something wrong to do? When is it okay? When is it in a grey area?


We talk about:

  • We break down the grey areas based on who you are and who you are training with
  • We set some Goals about safety, learning BJJ, and enjoyment
  • The rear naked tooth smash or cross face
  • Knee on belly
  • Twisting or grabbing fingers
  • Smashing someone with pressure
  • Cross face
  • Using your head to push on someone
  • Twisting someones head
  • Smothering someone with a hand over the mouth and nose, or other torso
  • Pulling on forehead or nose to get a choke from the back
  • Talking your way out of a submission
  • The too tired tap or quitting in a bad spot
  • The not clean grappler
  • Rolling with ringworm
  • Rolling with the flu
  • When to let go of the submission
  • Getting mad when you get tapped
  • Talking while rolling


Quote of the week: “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe” Marilyn vos Savant

Article of the week: 9 Things I Learned in my First Year of Jiu Jitsu

Mat Tales 7 The Triple Lindy


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