Epi 96 Sam Spiegelman Q&A Part 1

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Sam Spiegelman

Sam Spiegelman

This week Sam Spiegelman answers your questions about strength and conditioning. Sam is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Mark Vives, he trains at New Breed Training Center.  He has written a bunch of great articles on Breaking Muscle.  Sam is also available for online consultations.

Sam answers these questions:

  • How often should you train when you are new to BJJ?
  • What level of Jiu-Jitsu class is best to start with?
  • Should I do extra cardio to get in shape for BJJ?
  • What are the benefits of joint mobility?
  • What is a quick and healthy breakfast?
  • When cutting weight is it necessary to run?
  • Do you need to compete in BJJ to get better?
  • How many times per week should I strength train?
  • What should your exceptions be if you are just starting a strength program?
  • What is the best strength and condition program for BJJ?


Quote of the week: “Frustration is a useless emotion” Amanda Lowen

Article of the week: “What Sharpens Iron?” sandhillsbjj

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