Epi 148 Jonathan “The Scorpion” Uzcategui

This week we bring you an interview with Jonathan Uzcategui. Jonathan is a great coach and competitor. We are excited to bring you an interview with him covering a wide range of topics.Jonathan Uzcategui

We talk about:

  • His personal history in BJJ
  • Training with Rubens “Charles” Cobrinha as his first instructor
  • His wife Hope Uzcategui 2X IBJJF world champion
  • His style of training
  • Why he likes to partner up training partners for the best training
  • Training new students
  • Organizing a weekly schedule
  • Using video to evaluate his students and give them advice
  • Working escapes when you are tired
  • Treating visitors correctly
  • Crawl, walk, run


Quote of the week: “Trust in god” and believe in your self, have faith in your self, and work really really hard” Tom Deblass

Article of the week: Five things every new/visiting student should receive on their first visit to your gym


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