Epi 128 Innovative Teaching With Bruce Hoyer

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Bruce Hoyer has a unique way of running a BJJ class using Evernote.  He shares his innovative method and much more during this interview. Bruce is a black belt under Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros.

Bruce Hoyer BJJ

We talk about:

  • The benefits of coaching
  • Some of his competition history
  • Individualized lesson plans
  • What he does when a guest comes in to train
  • Advantages to the student and teacher with this class format
  • He gives an example of the first few classes
  • How he does belt test and stripes
  • How he has made changes to this program
  • Getting people to show up for their first day of BJJ
  • Why he does not coach during rolling
  • Being a self reliant learner


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We start a new segment this week Learning Basic Portuguese with Claudio Pt 1. We learn a couple of simple greetings. Here is a link for find the 9 parts on youtube.

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