Epi 133 Multi Black Belt Tim Cartmell

This week we bring you an interview with life long martial artist and BJJ black belt Tim Cartmell. Along with his BJJ black belt Tim is an eighth degree black belt in Kung-Fu San Soo.tim cartmell

We talk about:

  • Started studding Chinese martial arts in 1972
  • Moving to China in the 70’s
  • What it was like doing martial arts in China
  • What martial arts are like in China now
  • Working as a stunt man in movies
  • How to gain sensitivity to BJJ
  • Tips for people starting BJJ
  • His goals as an instructor
  • how he likes to run a class
  • Adding self defense to your BJJ
  • Learning some striking
  • The idea of being able to access your jiu-jitsu
  • Recommendations for learning striking
  • Tips for someone doing their first tournament
  • Having a limited schedule and still getting good at BJJ


Quote of the week: “…look he carry all of my weight. That’s another theory of jiu-jitsu. When I rest I should put him to work so I don’t get tired and he get tired. He spend energy.” Demian Maia

Article of the week: The dangers of “I’ll Do Jiu Jitsu When…”


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