Epi 205 Chelsah’ Lyons Training Tips and Amazing Stories

Chelsah’ is a brown belt under Rob Ables at Marcelo Garcia of Dallas. She shares some amazing stories in this interview. She also enjoys competing as much as she can and balancing her busy schedule.

We talk about:

  • Her starting MMA before BJJ
  • Being held up at gun point…… Twice
  • Getting discipline from martial arts
  • How Jiu-Jitsu changed her life
  • Working four jobs and training to compete
  • Some of her favorite techniques
  • Learning to do wrist locks
  • Helping other students
  • Her future in martial arts
  • How she keeps the women’s class fun and effective
  • Advice for running a class for women
  • The growth of women in BJJ


Quote of the week: “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.” E. Joseph Cossman

Article of the week: Defend the Primary Threat











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