Epi 129 Black Belt Dan Covel Gives Us Great Advice

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This week we bring you an interview with Dan Covel. Dan is a BJJ black belt training under Marcelo Garcia. You can find him on the mats in Hoboken, New Jersey and in Manhattan, New York.Dan Covel BJJ black belt

We talk about:

  • Starting martial arts with Judo
  • Doing MMA at age 17
  • Using the closed guard
  • What makes the closed guard such a strong position
  • How to pass the closed guard
  • Getting the most out of kids BJJ
  • Why he stores his tournament medals in a drawer
  • The benefits of competing
  • The use of BJJ in a street fight
  • What he does to get ready to compete
  • Good goals for new students


Quote of the week: “Men who wish to know about the world must learn about it in its particular details.” Heraclitus

Article of the week: Character building from Goulburn Martial Arts Academy Helping kids deal with bullies.


This week we learn how to say “good bye” in Portuguese with part two of our language learning segment.

Gary’s future book is called “defensive driving, offensive driving, and driving over the neighbor’s fensive”

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