Epi 145 Daniel Strauss The Raspberry Ape

This week we bring you an exciting interview with Daniel Strauss also know as “The Raspberry Ape”. Daniel is one of the top European grapplers, focusing mostly on no-gi. Daniel is a black belt training under Roger Gracie and Nick Brooks.No gi Daniel Strauss

We talk about:

  • What got him started in Jiu-Jitsu
  • What he does off the mat to get stronger
  • Bending horse shoes
  • Developing grip strength
  • Why he likes the butterfly guard for no-gi
  • The culture of BJJ and strong man
  • The Raspberry Ape Podcast
  • His views on getting a new belt in BJJ
  • How he gets mentally focused to compete
  • Advice for doing a tournament for the first time
  • Dealing with nerves and pressure
  • Dealing with bad days
  • Why being a blue belt is fun
  • Showing vs teaching a technique
  • Training with your mind off of the mat


Quote of the week: “Small changes can make a big difference”

Article of the week: Samurai Business Man Destroys Competition By Training Employees In BJJ


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