Epi 132 The Man Behind The Popular Choke Joe D’arce

This week we bring you an interview with Joe D’arce. Joe shares his name with the famous BJJ and MMA choke the “Darce Choke”. This interview covers a wide range of topics including how the choke got it’s name, and advice for newer grapplers.

Darce bjj

We talk about:

  • His start in martial arts
  • How the Darce choke got it’s name
  • Tips on how to teach the Darce choke
  • Tips on finishing the Darce choke
  • The history of the Darce choke
  • Running his school
  • First tournament advice
  • How to deal with frustrations on the mat
  • How important it is to have a good mindset


Quote of the week: “I get up before the sun comes up and get shit done” Adam Wheeler

Article of the week: “Foot Beats Face: Mat Awareness and Safety in BJJ” Valerie Worthington on Breakingmuscle.com


Fuji Sekai Gi- Byron has this gi and he is loving it, check it out.

This week Claudio teaches us how to say “Yes, No, Good, and Bad” in Portuguese Click this link to find the entire set of words from Claudio

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Fuji Sekai Gi- Byron has this gi and he is loving it, check it out.

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