Epi 88 Eduardo Telles is full of surprises

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Eduardo Telles

Eduardo Telles

This week we are excited to bring you an interview with Eduardo Telles.  Eduardo is well know for his creativity on the mat, he is always trying to surprise his opponents. Check out more of Eduardo’s Bio here.

In the interview with Eduardo Telles we talk about:

  • Training in both Sao Paulo and Rio
  • Starting BJJ at 17 years old
  • How having fun was so important to getting good at BJJ
  • The use of the turtle guard
  • The benefits of using the turtle guard
  • Common mistakes when using the turtle guard
  • How he attacks someone that is using the turtle guard
  • His ideas about how points can distract opponents and lead to more submissions
  • The idea of giving points for side control
  • Advice for a first time student competing
  • What he was like as a blue belt
  • Some of his most favorite matches.
  • Watch his match with Felipe Pena
  • His online training academy


Quote of the week: “The goal of Jiu-Jitsu is not to be undefeated but no to lose” Presented by Brian Freeman

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First year of BJJ

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