Epi 49 Giving 100% With Bernardo Faria

The BjjBrick Podcast is in iTunesand Stitcher radio bernardo faria bjjBernardo Faria is one of the top BJJ black belt competitors on the mat today.  He credits a lot of his success not to being talented but to training very hard everyday.  He is currently training and teaching at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy. Look for him this October competing in Worlds No-Gi, IBJJF PRO and NY PRO.

Bernardo talks about:

  • His early training and school
  • Teaching and training hard for competition
  • Training with Marcelo Garcia
  • Why he is able to put all his effort and determination in a match
  • Why he likes his half guard so much
  • His deep half guard dvd that will be released soon
  • His short term and long term goals
  • Focusing on doing your best and not focusing on winning
  • How he gets ready before a match
  • His omoplata and why he goes 100% for the submission and not the sweep
  • His very first BJJ match
  • Advice for someone doing their 1st tournament
  • What he was like as a blue belt (his longest belt)
  • Why it is important to develop you own game
  • Why you should set your own goals
  • Traits he likes to see in his students
  • His matches with Rodolfo Vieira

Contact info Bernardo Faria on facebook page here

More info on Bernardo’s Deep Half Guard DVD!!

Quote of the week: “train hard fight easy” this quote was presented by Yuri Simoes

Article of the week: Teamquestmma.net “8 Tips For Teaching Kids Martial Arts

Details at the end of the show about how to win a free patch! United States only

Details at the end of the show about how to win a free patch! United States only. Matt Lowe sporting the patch at the IBJJF Dallas Open 2014